Patient Testimonials

Jason Koonin back to golfing after shoulder surgery.

“Dear Dr. Petrie and Staff,

I would like to thank you all for the outstanding care and very pleasant experience during my recent surgical procedure at your facility.

Arthroscopic surgery is readily available but I consider Dr. Petrie’s input, demeanor and experience as the most important factor in making my choice of surgeon.

My shoulder problem had existed for almost 20 years, with the last several being painful and the months prior to surgery being unbearable. The main issue for all the other surgeons I had consulted with over the years, was that my MRI exams indicated that my shoulder was text book perfect. The result was that I was misdiagnosed time and time again. Then I was fortunate to meet Dr Petrie. He first explained that MRI’s were not always conclusive and that after a few motion tests I clearly had a problem. When he heard that the issue started in the early 1990’s he immediately suggested surgery. His explanation was simple. He explained that there was something wrong but he could only tell for certain if he could look into my shoulder. The downside would be three small cuts but the upside was enormous if the problem was resolved. Dr Petrie was as confident as I had ever seen anyone and I was sold. Finally I had found someone who was giving me credible feedback and a hopeful solution. There was no rotator cuff or labral tear. I had tried everything else, so I had nothing to lose. My surgery was quick and Dr Petrie found the problem instantly. As an avid golfer I had gone from scoring in the low 70’s to barely been able to hit a ball anymore. Six weeks after surgery I was practicing and twelve weeks later my game has returned to normal. I am pain free and do not have to play golf on painkillers and icing afterwards. I am finally pain free and have quality of life again. The difference between Dr. Petrie and all the other doctors I met over the years is they couldn’t get beyond the MRI and listen to me. He did, because he really knows what he is doing. Prior to surgery I asked a top orthopaedic surgeon who he would use should he need shoulder surgery. His answer was one word – Petrie. I couldn’t think of one better myself!” – Dr. Petrie Patient, Jason Koonin

“Dr. Petrie,

I’m the December 2011 rotator cuff patient you meticulously repaired from my fall overboard at the Newport Dunes Marina grabbing the neighboring boats dock line as it approached it’s slip only to learn he had bow thrusters pushing him away from the dock sending me in the drink like a Gumby doll tied to a bungee cord.

Today, I’m a rejuvenated, fully functional and healthy post traveler to South Africa. Dr. Petrie, thank you immensely for your suggestions and advice and beyond, not to mention your phrase about it being a “journey” and taking time when the timing was right.” – Dr. Petrie Patient, Deidre Bird

“I damaged my shoulder barefoot waterskiing, and went to two different doctors who dismissed the injury by saying I was simply getting older. As soon as I met with Dr. Petrie he recognized the nature of the complete rotator cuff tear and began discussing options with me, including surgery. We chose the surgery & physical therapy, which ended up being arthroscopic in nature. Only after the surgery did I learn that while one rotator cuff tendon was torn right off, another one also had a partial tear that was not visible on the MRI. This was a severe injury which could not have been fixed through PT alone. Surgery was the correct choice for me.

The first six weeks post-surgery were extremely difficult (lack of sleep and excruciating pain)! It was on par with the pain and recovery from tearing off all four knee ligaments years ago while waterski jumping. However, with frequent and aggressive PT work the recovery began to improve near the end of the 2nd month. The pain was greatly reduced and my level of energy improved continuously.

After six months of complete restrictions, I have been gradually re-entering the sports world; cautiously and with trepidation. Wile I haven’t been back to waterskiing yet, I have been out sailing, swimming, kayaking and scuba diving with great results.

Dr. Petrie was recommended as the first choice by my friends at ProSport Physical Therapy, and he has exceeded my expectations. Without his surgery, I would still be experiencing chronic pain and would be limited in the sports that I love to participate in. I hope I can make it through the rest of my life without needing him again…” – Dr. Petrie Patient, Tim Nugent

“I have received extraordinary care from Dr. Petrie and his entire staff. Everyone is professional, caring, and sincere. They listen and respond appropriately. I had several injuries, had one surgery, and I’m healing beautifully. Dr. Petrie is a true physician in the purest sense of the term. I thank my lucky stars I was referred to him.” – Dr. Petrie Patient

“After many long months of improper care (none & then the wrong care) I was referred to Dr. Petrie by Dr. Warren Kramer. The experience was more than I could have ever expected. It was perfect from beginning to end. His staff reflect genuineness and professionalism. Especially Sylvia and Nicole.” – Dr. Petrie Patient

“Extremely Pleased! You were very busy yet treated me like I was your only patient – I was also impressed with how well the office was run, and the speed of which staff followed up to set up an MRI appt. I barely had time to get home!” – Dr. Petrie Patient

“I feel very lucky to have Dr. Petrie – his staff and your beautiful surgery center! I really appreciate everyone taking such good care of me from start to finish. Thank you all so very much!” – Dr. Petrie Patient